Kepier Performance

Kepier Academy is a good school and has been judged so by Ofsted. Whilst we are, understandably, disappointed with this year’s Progress 8 score, we do not think it tells the whole story of our school’s current performance. Schools are judged in many different ways. When considering the wide range of indicators, Kepier outperforms many other schools both locally and nationally. Additionally, we have ensured that our learners have followed only well respected GCSE courses and have not chosen to boost our school scores by entering learners for examinations which are easier to pass but which have less value to future employers. Kepier Academy will continue to strive to provide the best possible outcomes for its learners and the local community.

Kepier Attainment Basics

Kepier Attainment Basics

Attainment 8/Progress 8 Pts

Progress 8 score is -0.57

Entering EBacc

Learner Destinations

Pupils staying in education or going into employment